Introducing Frank


Frank provide uniquely engineered museum display showcases to designers, architects, museums, private collectors and those needing a protective display solution with emphasis on flexibility and quality.

However, unlike many other museum exhibition showcase design & manufacturing companies, Frank offers this award winning patented system whilst remaining affordable.

There is no other comparable glass or acrylic exhibition museum display showcase solution on the market today offering all of the Frank advantages.

Combine the Frank showcase advantages to savings that can be achieved of almost half the cost of a glass museum showcase (of inferior specification) and you see why Frank museum quality showcases are the international showcase manufacture to specify on your next project.

The Frank company ethos is “affordable perfection” so from the moment you make contact with our friendly team a pleasant journey of showcase design and production starts to unfold. Our team will guide you every step of the way to help bring clarity instead of confusion, test designs and provide samples helping you make all the right choices, whilst keeping within budget.

Frank believe that a display showcase is only a protective layer between the audience and the objects or art and therefore should not compete but fade into the background.

However, the only way to truly appreciate the Frank showcase system is to see one in the flesh, when all the precision elements effortlessly come together to produce display showcases in their purest form.

If you would like to experience the world of Frank first hand then we would be pleased to hear from you.


Safely Displaying Napoleon

art shipping crates

This plaster statue had undergone repair work to a cracked base at CCMC (Center for Cultural Materials Conservation) in Melbourne. It was unable to safely free stand due to poor weight distribution and a small, uneven base. It was to be displayed in private offices and we were asked to provide a suitable solution for little guy that gave him the support he needed, but was not overly distracting when on display.


Custom brackets discreetly secure the base of the object to an open topped plinth. Once installed, the two close fitting cover pieces cover the plinth top creating a neat exterior but they also obscure the uneven sculpture base, and hide the bracket fixing points front and rear.


A Touring Showcase Solution

Pod was asked by the QUT Art museum & William Robinson Gallery to come up with a simple lightweight travel and display concept for a small lightweight artwork. The artist was comfortable with it looking ‘crate like’. One person can convert this easy from a  lift crate to a display case in seconds with an allen key, and we think it has come up pretty well.

Straightforward, affordable solutions to touring and displaying fragile objects is a common request from smaller galleries and museums and we’d love to hear about your problems in this area.


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The Shrine of Remembrance Galleries opens in Melbourne

The Shrine of Remembrance Galleries opens in Melbourne.The team at Pod was proud to be involved with the mount design and fabrication, and objects installation on this project for the greater part of 2014. We have enjoyed the challenges of helping create elegant showcase environments that present the objects as the curator envisioned, but with the physical integrity of the collection our key concern.Congratulations to Jean, Neale, Jenna, Pip, Katrina and the rest of The Shrine of Remembrance Collections team on the successful launch of the Gallery on Remembrance Day.  All the hard work and long hours have paid off as the showcases look great and the collection is being presented with the sensitivity it deserves. The whole gallery is beautifully evocative and I’m certain the public will be moved by the experience of learning from these stories for decades to come.It was a great effort from all involved and we have greatly enjoyed being involved with the Shrine of Remembrance team as always. On behalf of Andrew, Paul, Ronny and myself we wish the whole team a well-earned break!Photo by Vlad Bunyevich

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