Storage Solutions

Bark Paintings, scientific apparatus, costumes, books and artworks all require a specific storage solution dependant on the space they will occupy, their level of fragility, and how they will be handled. Pod works with a flexible range of large object packing solutions to meet the needs of all your handling and storage challenges.

We have many years of experience working systematically through museum collections to upgrade object storage, maximize usable space, and to improve access.

We know that your objects will be most at risk when they are being handled. With careful design and the extensive range of archival materials at our disposal we will design and fabricate a packing solution for your collection based on the individual needs of the object, access/storage parameters, and budget.


There are a range of good standard sized archival boxing solutions available to the museum professional.  However, if you are looking to re house your collection in an existing storage facility or if space is at a premium, standard sized units can create more problems than they solve.

We work closely with Collection managers and curators to design and fabricate custom sized acid free boxes for your collection items.  You won’t need to reorganize your entire store to accommodate your newly housed objects. Your collection is safely protected, and your location codes need not be rearranged.


Medium to large three dimensional objects have their own storage and handling challenges.  Pod can provide custom fitted open frame support for storage and these objects. We provide these practical and affordable custom made storage units to major collecting institutions nationwide.

The open framework provides a solid perimeter around the object yet allows complete visual access to the item. Once installed by our staff using archivally sound materials, these units can be safely moved with minimum risk to the structural integrity of its contents.