5 Questions to Ask Your Art Services Company

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5 Questions to Ask Your Art Services Company

Packing, transporting, and displaying precious items and fine art requires a level of care beyond what a typical moving company provides.

Finding a company that specialises in museum and fine art services and whose staff have been properly trained to handle your objects can be daunting. How do you know which companies actually know how to take care of your items, and which companies may cause damage to your valuable art?

Deciding who will take care of your collection is a bit like searching for a childcare provider – you need to know if they’re up to the task in taking care of your valuables!

That’s why the team at POD Services has put together these 7 questions to ask your art services company. Make sure you use them!

Is your facility climate controlled?

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can have disastrous effects on your art and antiques, especially wood, paper, and anything made from a natural substance.

It’s important to know that there’s a difference between temperature-controlled and climate-controlled environments. In a climate-controlled environment, both the temperature and humidity are monitored to ensure both remain in a range that is most beneficial to the artwork stored there.

Do you offer specialised packing solutions?

Your objects will be most at risk when they are being handled. Standard packing materials might not always be sufficient for protecting fragile or unusually shaped artifacts or sculptures.

Make sure your art services company is skilled at designing and fabricating a packing solution for your collection based on the individual needs of the object, access/storage parameters, and budget.

At POD Services, we offer this to our clients to ensure their objects are protected at all times. We also produce custom-built crates and also offer a crate rental service.

What experience do you have in relocating and displaying art?

The best way to understand the experience and skill of the company you’re looking at working with is to look at what they’ve achieved previously.

Have they worked with galleries before? What examples can they give to prove their reliability and experience?

Both POD Directors have been involved in major Australian institution relocation projects.

During 2017, POD developed storage and packing protocols for the Queensland Museum and trained local staff on care and handling.

What security measures are in place?

Environmental damage is one of the biggest threats to fine artwork. An art services facility should be equipped with sophisticated alarm and fire sprinkler systems to mitigate this risk should the unthinkable occur.

It’s an unfortunate fact that thieves and vandals also sometimes cause damage to artworks. Ask whether they have an alarm system reporting to a central station, or if they rely on security guards. Find out if and how access is granted (it should be extremely limited), and how access to the facility is controlled.

Are all staff trained to handle art?

At POD Services, our collection service team members also have extensive training and experience in the safe handling of museum and art gallery collection objects. Our team is equipped with a wide range of technical skills, extensive museum and gallery experience, and comprehensive conservation materials knowledge.

This should be the gold standard for any art services company.

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Storing and relocating fine art is an exercise that should never be handled by inexperienced handlers.  Protecting your artwork from risk and damage requires a tremendous commitment, including surrounding yourself with a team of trusted art services professionals. 

Taking the time to select a trustworthy art services company takes time, due diligence, and careful consideration but will be one of the most important steps you can take to mitigate risk to your collection.

To discuss the safe storage, transportation, and display of your art please get in touch with the POD Services team. Over our 15+ years’ experience in the art world, we have developed a range of innovative standard and custom solutions, which will maintain the physical integrity of your collection during display, storage, and transport.

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