Exhibition Services

Exhibition Services


Display furniture

Pod fabricates and provides a flexible range of display solutions to maximize the visual impact of your exhibition while keeping the focus on the objects displayed.


Great care is taken to ensure the correct materials and finishes are used in their fabrication to protect objects from damage. All display furniture we provide is made from high grade plywood or zero emission MDF to ensure every effort is made to preserve the condition of your collection.


We can supply label rails, lift boxes, dress boxes, plinths and more.


Contact us for supply of individual display components, or for a complete exhibit design, build and installation.

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Object mounts

Pod has designed and installed mounts for exhibitions with major institutions both here in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years.


Object supports are an important part of any display. The correct support will optimise the visual impact of your display and ensure safety and integrity for your object.


All Pod mounts are created with materials that are inert and conservation approved and include:

  • stainless steel rod supports
  • individual stainless stands
  • custom mannequins and body forms
  • acrylic cradles
  • hat forms and mounts
  • book cradles


Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, whether for a single object or an entire exhibition.

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Book Mounts

Displaying bound documents to exhibit is a unique problem. In order to achieve an elegant display of open books, you need a customised mount that comfortably holds the book open to the relevant page at the required angle, does not stress the binding and provides support to the open pages.


After two decades, we have gained extensive experience with large and small fragile books held in state and federal libraries, churches, historical societies and private collections.


As mentioned, requirements for book mounts can be quite specific, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Bark mounts

Bark objects are particularly susceptible to the effects of temperature and relative humidity fluctuation, and the method by which the object is displayed can cause significant damage if not properly considered.  We have developed techniques to safely preserve and display such items.Bark objects are particularly susceptible to the effects of temperature and relative humidity fluctuation, and the method by which the object is displayed can cause significant damage if not properly considered. Being a natural fibre, bark will expand, contract, and change shape depending on the temperature and level of moisture in the atmosphere.


Our mounts are designed to accommodate this natural movement and avoid cracking and splitting. They provide the correct amount of structural support to the object, yet at the same time allow a degree of movement as the bark changes shape over time.


All Pod bark mounting systems are customized to the object and can be easily adjusted to avoid a build-up of tension around the object.

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modular exhibition wall systems

Display Plinths

Gallery display plinths and can be custom made in a wide range of materials, finishes and styles according to the look you require for your exhibit. We have museum plinths that can be free standing, wall or floor mounted. Perspex hoods can be used to protect objects. Moveable plinths can be built with  removable skirts that allow access to hidden lockable castors for ease of movement.

frank showcase system


POD is proud to be the Australian authorised distributor of the best acrylic showcase system in the world – the Frank Showcase system from Germany.



  • Higher clarity than glass
  • Shatterproof
  • Affordable
  • Fully demountable; easy assembly
  • Airtight and emission-free
  • Available with UV filtering
  • Perfect for permanent, temporary or travelling exhibits


Click here for more information on Frank Showcases products.

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Exhibition Installations

With extensive skills in mount-making, art and object handling and multimedia integration, the creative team at Pod can provide exhibition display services for any gallery or museum exhibition.


From a single picture hang to a whole gallery, our team can develop a creative solution while keeping the integrity of your collection at the forefront of our every decision. We liaise with designers, curators, conservators, directors, private collectors and architects to ensure a professional result is achieved.


POD has successfully installed exhibitions for most Australian Institutions nationwide

Contact Us to talk about your exhibition requirements.

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