Gallery Wall Solutions


The Modular Wall System

We have developed a system that builds freestanding modular walls within your gallery space. It is comprised of a flexible, easy to install set of components that is compact for storage and provides you with a limitless range of configurations.


It requires no hardware or power tools to assemble, does not need fixing to walls or floors and can be used as would any interior wall surface. Power and AV cabling can be run through it. Assembly is fast, silent and clean and wall sections can be painted prior to assembly if needed. Each wall, corner or Tee Section has comfortable lifting points for two people, and the maximum component weight is approximately 50 kg. It stands 2.4m high, is very stable once assembled.


This system will be the solution to many of you who need a flexible and easy to modify exhibition space, but it has also been used to great success for retail ’Pop Up’ stores within shopping centres and for guiding pedestrians through and around areas under construction within heritage buildings.


Contact us for supply of Pod Modular Walls System, or for a complete exhibit design, build and installation.

modular museum wall system
modular museum wall system

Using the Wall System


Pod Modular Walls System is intended for use in exhibition display and can be utilized for:


  • Picture hanging
  • Room partitioning
  • Room creation
  • AV presentations
  • Attachment of monitors
  • Cable routing through and down walls
  • Trade shows and theatre


The wall system can be easily installed and de-installed within your exhibition space and is perfect for short or long term exhibitions, pop up stalls and trade shows.


Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, whether for a single object or an entire exhibition.

modular museum wall system
modular museum wall system

Wall Components

All wall sections work with the corners, tees and end caps. Walls can be painted to your specifications prior to delivery, but is supplied with an undercoat finish as standard.


Wall HeightWall WidthWall Depth

modular museum wall system

Wall Sections

wall section


corner section

T Section

t section

End Cap

end cap

Wall Connector*

wall connector

*Wall connectors get fixed to an existing facility wall, allowing you to connect extend the POD Wall system out at right angles.


Here are some examples of suggested layout designs:


It is crucial that you design your wall layout with safety in mind. Some points to be aware of are:

  • Have you enough corners to make a stable wall design?
  • Have you considered through traffic? Breezeways?
  • Have all staff involved read and understood the safe handling manual?
modular museum wall system
layout 1
layout 2
layout 3
layout 4
layout 5
layout 6
layout 7
layout 8
layout 9

Handling and Assembly

The POD Modular Wall System will provide you with a wide range of display configurations and if handled responsibly will be a safe, practical and easy to handle solution for your gallery space. It must be treated with respect though.


With improper use or a poorly considered layout, assembly or handling it could be dangerous and result in personal injury, injury to others or damage to property.


A manual covering our safe handling recommendations is attached here.


We recommend you read through this document to ensure the system is right for you, your resources, and your facility.
Be sure to read our FAQ’s listed below, or contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

modular museum wall system installation
modular museum wall system installation

Custom Mobile Gallery Walls

A more traditional approach to dividing your gallery space that requires no assembly is to have freestanding wall units made to suit your needs.

There are many variations on this solution, but we have settled on a design that is easy to manage, safe and versatile.


Our mobile walls are made to customers specific requirements and are built to be a lightweight, durable mobile solution.


High-quality 100mm full rotation casters in each corner of our walls allow for easy movement by two people on most interior surfaces. Wind down feet locate the walls in place and keep them stable when on display.


We are happy to customise this design to suit your needs.

Contact us to learn more and discuss your specific requirements

mobile gallery walls
mobile gallery walls


Frequently Asked Questions

Which system will provide me with widest choice of display options?

The Pod Modular Walls system clearly is the most versatile solution we have. As you purchase more components your choice of varying configurations multiplies.

Which option uses the least amount of space when not in use?

The Pod Modular Walls system can disassemble and pack into a small space. You also have the option to assemble a small cube in your gallery wall system and store your extra components inside it! This minimises carrying the components and frees up space in your back of house storage area.

I need my walls to be on wheels. Which is best for this?

Mobile Gallery walls. Pod modular walls cannot be used on wheels and must be de-installed in order to be moved.

I need my walls a custom height. Which is best?

At this stage, Pod Modular walls come only at a height of 2.4 m. Mobile gallery walls are made to order and can be any height you specify, within reason.

How much do your walls cost?

Please Contact Us . We can provide a quote for a Mobile Gallery wall to your specification, and supply you with a Pod Modular walls component price list

I have a small team who have concerns about lifting and moving. Which option is best for us?

The heaviest component of the Pod Modular walls system is 50kg, so in order to use this system effectively you do need to have at least 2 people who are comfortable lifting 25kg from a comfortable lifting position.

Mobile Gallery walls are on full rotation casters so can be comfortably pushed in most cases by two people.

How do the Mobile walls stop from rolling?

We prefer to use a wind-down foot in the corners of the walls to locate the unit securely when on display. This is instead of a lockable wheel which requires a removable panel to access the brakes on each wheel.

My floors are very uneven. Which solution is best for me?

Pod Modular wall system is quite tolerant of small variations in the evenness of floors. Mobile Gallery walls have wind-down feet which act as a brake for the walls and can also compensate for floor unevenness.

Which option is the safest?

With anything heavy involving assembly, there will be handling risk involved. It is your responsibility to assess our products against your needs, resources and facility requirements. Please do contact us if you have concerns and we can do our best to guide your decision making.