About POD


The Pod service extends to exhibition design,

fabrication and installation.

After many years of providing unique solutions to museum and gallery collections in both Australia and New Zealand, POD directors Andrew Foster and Tom Ingpen came together to create a company that could assist with the protection and display of artworks and cultural items.


By designing a range of products and services ‘Around the Object’ we help ensure artwork, museum objects and fragile items of significance remain protected while they are displayed, stored and transported.


Our team of professionals are equipped with a broad range of technical and design skills, extensive museum/gallery experience and comprehensive conservation materials knowledge. Through 15 years’ experience, we have developed a range of innovative standardised and custom solutions, which will maintain the physical integrity of your collection during display, storage and transport.


The POD service extends to exhibition design, fabrication and installation. From the whole gallery to a single picture hang, our team can develop a creative solution while keeping the integrity of your collection at the forefront of our every decision. We liaise with designers, curators, conservators, directors, private collectors and architects to ensure a professional result is achieved.


Owned and operated by its founding directors, Tom Ingpen and Andrew Foster, your collection will be well protected by POD.

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