Display Systems

Display Systems


Frank Display Showcases

Frank display showcases are fully demountable requiring less space for storage, saving huge amounts on transport costs. Installation doesn’t require any specialist heavy lifting equipment; just one or two people can normally assemble the largest of showcases with just basic hand tools.


They are also reusable, making it a very eco friendly display showcase solution. We can show you an example at our showroom if you’d like to contact us to make an appointment, this will allow us to walk you through how to get the most of this phenomenal showcase product, or browse the Frank products we distribute here.

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POD Wall System

Having worked for many years in and around a variety of galley spaces, we are aware of the difficulties with moveable gallery walls. They can be heavy and cumbersome to move, require expertise and machinery to install, hard to maintain and problematic to store when not in use. One alternative is to build interior walls as needed but this can be expensive and wasteful if you change over your exhibition space regularly as it often results in building material being broken up and thrown away.


To solve these challenges, we have developed a system that builds free standing modular walls within your gallery space. It is comprised of a flexible, easy to install set of components that is compact for storage and provides you with a limitless range of configurations within your gallery space.


It requires no hardware or power tools to assemble, does not need fixing to walls or floors and can be used as would any interior wall surface. Power and AV cabling can be run through it. Assembly is fast, silent and clean and wall sections can be painted prior to assembly if needed.


Each wall, corner or Tee Section has comfortable lifting points for two people, and the maximum component weight is approximately 50 kg. It stands 2.4m high, is very stable once assembled and is tolerant of uneven floor surfaces.


We think this system will be the solution to many of you who need a flexible and easy to modify exhibition space, but it has also been used to great success for retail ’Pop Up’ stores within shopping centres and for guiding pedestrians through and around areas under construction within heritage buildings


The Pod Wall System is now available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.

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