Object Handling and Packaging

Object Handling and Packaging


Museum Packaging: Unveiling the Secret to Timeless Preservation

Ever Wondered Why Some Artifacts Survive Centuries Unscathed?


In the realm of museums and galleries, an unseen hero works tirelessly behind the scenes: Museum Packaging. It’s the silent guardian of history’s treasures, ensuring that the stories and legacies they carry withstand the test of time. But is your collection fully protected from the risks of handling and transport? Discover how Museum Object Handling is crucial in preserving these irreplaceable pieces of history.


Crafting a Legacy of Care: The POD Service Story

Founders Andrew Foster and Tom Ingpen saw a need in the realm of museum care. Their vision was clear: to create solutions tailored ‘Around the Object’. This bespoke approach has transformed how artifacts are preserved, displayed, and transported across Australia and New Zealand, safeguarding their legacy for future generations.

Customised Protection for Every Artifact

At POD Service, we recognise the distinct nature of each artifact, emphasising the necessity of a personalised approach to Museum Object Handling and protection. Our dedicated team, endowed with a broad spectrum of technical know-how and creative design capabilities, meticulously crafts bespoke solutions. These solutions are not just generic responses but are as individualised as the artifacts themselves.


Our method is customised to each piece’s unique needs, whether it be the intricate architecture of modern art installations or the fragile pages of old manuscripts. This customisation ensures that every artifact, regardless of its age, material, or form, receives the utmost care and protection. Our commitment to individualised care is at the heart of our service, guaranteeing each piece’s integrity and longevity

A Spectrum of Services: Beyond Just Packaging

At POD Service, our expertise extends far beyond traditional Museum Packaging. We provide a wide range of services that include design, production, and installation of exhibitions.

Our approach to each project is collaborative and holistic, engaging with diverse skilled professionals ranging from artists and curators to engineers and architects.


This interdisciplinary collaboration allows us to create exhibitions that are not only visually stunning but also structurally sound and conservatively safe. By integrating our core principle of preserving the integrity of your collection into every facet of our work, we ensure that each project we undertake is a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and protective practicality. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive spectrum of services positions us as a unique and valuable partner in the world of museum and gallery exhibition planning and execution.

The Art and Science of Handling

Moving objects is not the only thing that goes into Museum Object Handling; it’s a detailed combination of science and art. It involves a deep understanding of each object’s unique vulnerabilities and implementing strategies to ensure its safety at every stage of handling. Our team at POD Service specialises in this delicate task, marrying best practices in Museum Packaging with an in-depth knowledge of conservation science.


We utilise the highest quality archival materials and techniques to minimise risks associated with handling. This careful approach extends to every aspect of our work, from the initial assessment of an object’s condition to the final placement in its new location. Our team’s expertise ensures that each item is moved securely and preserved during the process, maintaining its historical and cultural integrity for future generations

Bespoke Solutions for Unique Challenges

At the heart of our service lies the recognition that every museum object not only tells a unique story but also presents unique challenges. This understanding drives us to design and fabricate custom packing solutions. Our approach is tailored to each artifact’s individual characteristics, considering its specific needs, historical significance, and the conditions it will encounter in storage and transit.


Our team carefully considers factors like the item’s material, age, fragility, and even its cultural importance, alongside practical aspects such as storage limitations, accessibility, and budgetary constraints. This meticulous process ensures that we create a protective environment that is as distinctive and special as the artifact itself, preserving its story and significance for future generations. By doing so, we uphold our commitment to providing tailored solutions for the unique challenges presented by each item in your collection.

Lessons from the Field: Major Projects and Expertise

Our involvement in significant projects, like relocating major Australian institutions, has honed our expertise in Museum Object Handling. For instance, our work with the Queensland Museum in 2017 set new standards in the industry, showcasing our ability to develop innovative storage and packing protocols.


Ensuring Safe Journeys: Transportation Solutions

The journey of a museum object, often fraught with risks, is a path we navigate with precision and care. Our transportation solutions are designed to ensure stability and protection under various conditions. We employ methods like cushioning and strategic orientation to keep each item secure, regardless of the distance or mode of transport.

Empowering You with Knowledge

We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge in our quest to preserve cultural heritage. Understanding the nuances of Museum Packaging and Museum Object Handling is crucial for anyone tasked with the care of precious artifacts. We offer consultations and training sessions, sharing our expertise to help you make informed decisions about the care and preservation of your collection.

A Partnership in Preservation

Choosing POD Service means partnering with a team that shares your passion for preservation. Our commitment to excellence in Museum Object Handling and Museum Packaging and extensive experience make us the preferred choice for museums, galleries, and collectors. We are dedicated to ensuring your collection remains safe, preserved, and appreciated for future generations.


In a world where the past is a window to our future, preserving our cultural heritage is more critical than ever. At POD Service, we’re committed to being the guardians of these treasures, ensuring that every piece in your collection is handled with the respect and care it deserves. Join us in our mission to safeguard the legacy of our shared history, one artifact at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does POD Service Excel in Museum Object Handling?

At POD Service, our Museum Object Handling is exceptional because we treat each artifact uniquely. Our team’s expertise blends conservation science with delicate handling techniques, ensuring that every item receives individualised care. We guarantee each object’s safety and preservation throughout the handling process by using the best archival materials and customising our processes to match its unique needs.

What Sets Your Museum Packaging Apart?

Our Museum Packaging stands out due to its bespoke nature. We recognise that every artifact is distinct, demanding personalised protection solutions. Our packaging is meticulously designed to cater to the unique characteristics of each item, considering factors like material, age, fragility, and cultural significance. This custom approach ensures that each artifact is safeguarded in a manner as unique as the piece itself.

Can POD Service Assist with Large-Scale Museum Relocations?

Absolutely! POD Service specialises in large-scale museum relocations, offering comprehensive solutions encompassing Museum Object Handling and Museum Packaging. Our staff has a great deal of expertise overseeing intricate projects and making sure artefacts are transported in a secure and safe manner. We handle every aspect, from custom packaging to logistics, making sure that your valuable collection is relocated with the utmost care and professionalism.