Creating an Inspiring Art Exhibition Display

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Creating an Inspiring Art Exhibition Display

An art gallery experience should evoke an emotional and expressive connection between the gallery and guest.

You’ve done the research, you’ve gathered your artworks, you’ve booked your space, and now comes the excitement of creating the perfect exhibition.

Wall and floor space, flow, and lighting are the fundamentals of designing your museum display space. Whilst the terms ‘less is more’ and ‘quality not quantity’ can be applied in various situations, they are vital guidelines when it comes to your creative display. It is important not to crowd your art, and to give it the personal space it deserves. Individual sculptures and framed works should stand out with flat background colours or shades (white, black, or beige for example), and the distance between artworks will allow the visitor to focus on one piece at a time- establishing a more personal one-on-one connection with the art.

Whether in the home or at a gallery/museum, good lighting is paramount; it enlivens the space, and enhances the art. You can choose from a range of techniques depending on the atmosphere you wish to create, but keep in mind that certain types of lightbulbs can damage the artwork over extended periods of time, gradually burning away materials. Newer LED lights have lower wattage, and less heat which will preserve your objects, and as a bonus they keep costs down! You can opt for warm or cool light and/or a combination of natural light with the below styles:

Ceiling-mounted accent lights

These are a popular choice.

They work like down lights, pinpointing small spotlights directly onto exhibition walls. So that the light captures the center of the artwork, and does not create shadow, the fixtures are adjusted to a 30-degree angle.

Wall Washers

Wall washers are summed up in their name.
They can illuminate an entire room, creating a soft, even flow, and can be placed on walls, ceilings and floors to create a wide distribution of light.

Track Lights

Though not the most minimalist, track lighting offers flexibility to a changing presentation. Track lights are easy to move with even light for when you want to show the next museum display.

Picture Lights

For an intimate personal display of artwork on exhibition walls, picture lights use very low-wattage lamps and secure the light source close to the wall. Because they do not require holes in the ceiling they are perfect for renters. You can take then with you when you move!

For display storage, you will need to consider museum display cabinets that are not only a right fit for the object, but perfect for the atmospheric flow of your exhibition. Organic items (such as bark or paper objects) or items made of metal that will oxidize over time may require airtight containers designed to minimize temperature and humidity fluctuation. The POD team will work with you to create the perfect personalized combination of display products with finishes and styles according to the look you wish to create.

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