Choosing the Right Art Crate for Transportation of Your Collection

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Choosing the Right Art Crate for Transportation of Your Collection

The transportation of valued art collections can be stressful. All artworks require a specific storage solution dependent upon their level of fragility, the space they will occupy, and how they will be handled, thus deciding on the correct art crates to safeguard your cargos journey requires a lot of thought and care. Through years of experience and collaboration, POD understands the high standard that conservators, registrars, and collection managers expect for art packing and art travel.

POD are expert handlers and carers who safely and securely pack your artworks. Our specialised team work with you to protect your collection against environmental damage and shock. Working closely with collection managers and curators we custom-build crates so that you are completely satisfied, and your art is ready for shipment anywhere. We can also provide custom fitted stillages, or open frame support for storage of your collection, ensuring all artwork is safely protected and there is no need to reorganise your gallery or home to accommodate new objects.

POD offers a wide range of structural and archival materials for both long-term storage and touring artworks. We use protection materials such as PE foams, acid-free cardboard, soft fabrics and films to ensure your precious artworks will be supported and remain damage-free.

Our staff are trained to assess the art or object on-site and make recommendations on the best art crate option. As well as custom-built crates, POD also offers a crate rental service. We have 20 years of collection service experience and have worked systematically through museum collections to upgrade object storage, maximise usable space, and improve access.

Storage and transportation touring crates vary in standard and size so POD offer light duty crates (for courier), museum standard crates, and relocation standard crates.


Museum standard crates are the best choice for art travel and provide the highest level of climate control and shock protection- using closed cell Polyethylene foams (such as Zotefoam or Ethafoam) for shock and vibration absorption. These foams will not degrade or release any potentially damaging gasses. POD museum standard crates are made from timber and plywood, with multiple levels of insulation and durable crate lining. They are fitted with heavy duty bolts for door closure and coated with hard wearing high visibility paint. All materials are custom selected to suit the individual packing requirements of your object.


Relocation standard crates are best for short-term transportation and stays. They are not recommended for art or objects that are at risk of increase in temperature or humidity, as these lack climate control insulation. For this reason, they come at a lower price than museum standard crates but are not compromised on quality of structure or level of durability.

Like our museum standard crates, relocation standard crates are made from plywood that is sourced from renewable plantations, complies with Australia and New Zealand building codes, and measurements can be changed to suit client’s needs. The timber POD use is finger jointed, as well as being knot and sap free meaning the most stable protection for your items and minimal waste in our workshops.

POD works with a flexible range of large object packing solutions to meet the needs of all your handling and storage challenges.

Contact one of our team specialists today to discuss your art crate and storage needs.

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