What to Look for in a Modular Exhibition Display

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What to Look for in a Modular Exhibition Display

The days of painstakingly assembling and storing bulky, fragile exhibition display equipment are over. Thanks to modern advances in engineering and functional design, modular exhibition stands are now available in a variety of styles and materials.

Whether you’re a trade show exhibitor, art gallery or museum curator, it’s possible to tailor the perfect display for your vision easier than ever before. But with so many options to choose from, how can you decide on the right modular display for your exhibition?

At POD, we’ve been helping exhibitors design and install stunning displays for over 20 years. Here’s our best advice on what to look for when choosing the right modular exhibition display.

glass case, exhibition, artefacts, museum, modular


Exhibition displays using modular frameworks travel much easier than custom built designs. The modular nature of options such as the Frank showcase system means that the display cases can be broken down into smaller, more manageable components for easy storage.

Modular display components are also lighter and more compact than their custom-built counterparts. So transporting them is far easier than heaving bulky cabinets around. 

The German-engineered Frank modular system is light and can easily be taken apart to be shipped and stored flat. Making it ideal for travelling, and also temporary and permanent exhibits.

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Where custom-built displays are usually fit for one exhibition only, modular displays offer the ability to customise your showcases for use again and again.

Look for a modular system that has the ability to add, relocate, and remove elements easily. The cost-saving benefits can be enormous compared with traditional display methods, without compromising on style and quality – that all-important ‘wow factor’.

Starting with a basic structure, the Frank showcase system offers the options of incorporating tabletop or wall cases, display pedestals and tower cases that can be expanded to meet your individual needs.


All display showcases should offer a protective layer between the audience and objects of art. Accidents and even intentional malicious damage do sometimes happen, and it’s important to safeguard your artefacts while not inhibiting the audience’s ability to view them.

Frank showcases use precision extrusions to create a conservation-grade environment without using gaskets or adhesives. The system is inherently secure using shatter-proof acrylic with no visible access points.

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Ease of assembly

Setting up and dismantling exhibitions is a big job, regardless of the size of the actual display.

Look for a modular system that has interconnecting and interchangeable pieces that don’t require hours of drilling and screwing to set up and take down.

Systems such as Frank are highly engineered to not need glue or screws. With discrete 8mm profiles that slide gently and easily in the milled-out borders of the sheets. The connections are flawless and flush, guaranteeing the perfect match every time.

The absence of seals also allows for a complete emission-free solution. It’s patented design not only reduces assembly times, but assures a long life of service.

Design options

Any good modular display system should allow for high-impact, eye catching design to be incorporated wherever needed. Systems like Frank allow shelves, lighting, coloured panels and graphics to be added with ease and to your exact specifications.

They are all also interchangeable, meaning you can swap them out for different uses in separate exhibitions whenever needed. That’s great news if you want to launch a product with a new look, update your corporate image, or reuse the same display stands for back-to-back exhibitions.

POD Services can arrange for any printing you need for your Frank modular system. No stress, no fuss!


For businesses or galleries, a display system is often a major expense throughout the year. Franks’ patented system offers award-winning design yet remains affordable.

While sometimes a purpose-built, custom display system may be the right option for you, a modular system offers all the benefits mentioned in this article at a lower price than a custom option. This makes a modular display system a wise investment for galleries, museums, and many businesses too.

Where to get more info

There’s a reason why Frank showcases stand in the world’s most prestigious museums, holding some of the most treasured items in the world. To discuss your exhibition display needs, give the team at POD Services a call on 03 9588 0436.

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